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CBT Training

CBT & Direct Access Training Courses the number one choice for Motorcycle Training and CBT lessons in your area.

Motorcycle Courses UK only use experienced and professional Motorcycle and CBT schools in your area who have local training sites for you to attend. We take care of the whole process and put you in touch with one of our local Motor Bike Training schools in your area. 

All Motorcycle training schools have fully qualified instructors you can rest assured you will receive the highest standards of training from your initial CBT through to a full motorcycle license.

We provide a friendly and helpful environment that’s backed up by world class instruction from our training Schools. You’ll learn to ride with confidence and skill, helping you to stay safe on today’s busy roads.

Motorcycle Courses we offer 6 days a week

  • Compulsory Basic Training is a motorbike course, which was introduced to increase rider safety and all new riders must complete the CBT before riding a motorcycle on the road. 


  • A1 License: which is your only option if you are aged between 17 or 18 passing the 125 test will give you an A1 License and this means you are restricted to a 125cc which can only develop 14.6bhp or less


  • A2 License: If you are aged between 19 and 23 then you are eligible for the A2 license, which will enable you to ride up to a 35kw (47bhp)


  • Direct Access Scheme ( DAS ) unrestricted category A license you have to be 24yrs or over to take this course.


If you’ve never ridden a bike before, or want to take the next course we’re confident we can offer a fast, safe and affordable route to CBT and onwards to A1, A2 and an A license. For bookings or enquires please call 02030 581791 or complete the online form and we shall contact you.



Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Training