New A2 License

A2 Licence

A2 Licence

The A2 Licence will enable you to ride up to 35kw (47bhp) and if you are over 24 years old then you can go for the unrestricted Category A Licence.

If you pass the A2 licence you will then be restricted to 35kw (47bhp), however you can’t restrict a bike to less than 50% of it’s original power so if you’re not sure about a bike then give us a call and we’ll be able to help!  After 2 years (or once you reach 24) you can then take another practical test if you wish to get your full unrestricted A licence.

Our courses are designed to build your confidence, awareness, and control, and we use all types of roads from high speed dual-carriage ways, country lanes, to town centre riding, giving you not only enough skills to pass your test, but an insight in to our advanced courses.

Please contact us on 02030 581791 or complete the online form for bookings or enquires